The Smart, Economical Way To Enjoy The Best Water Possible.

ProSeries Whole House Water Filter

Thanks to the ProSeries Whole House Water Filters, getting great water is no Problem.

The ProSeries Whole House Water Filters use Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) to effectively filter impurities from your water. Its programmable computer controlled valve allows your service provider to program the backflush cycle for maximum efficiency based on your water usage. The computer in the control unit stores data that can be monitored to determine if the cycle should be altered or if the carbon needs to be replaced.



  • Effective, Efficient and Eco-Friendly
  • Cleaner, better tasting water from every tap, faucet and shower
  • More cost-effective and convenient than bottled water
  • Increases the life of your plumbing, fixtures and water using appliances
  • Reduces the chlorine or chloramine taste and odor.
  • When the water tastes great, you’ll drink more water and that’s good for your health

Eco-Friendly Factors

  • No more bottled water waste
  • Uses 1/10 the energy required for a water cooler

How It Works

  1. The filter is installed between the main water line and the interior pipes.
  2. Water enters the filter where it passes through the granulated activated carbon (GAC), and impurities are reduced.
  3. Water then passes out of the filter and into your home, providing clean great tasting water from every tap.
  4. Based on the preset backflush cycle, the filter will clean itself of dirt, freshening the carbon bed to create more surface space for maximumeffectiveness.

Benefits will be provided by various types of ProSeries equipment when installed and operated according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Operational, maintenance and replacement requirements are essential for the product to perform as advertised. All claims based on best available information at time of printing. Manufacturer makes no representations as to the suitability of this equipment for a particular application. Aquion, Inc does not warrant that your ProSeries product and the non-ProSeries product will perform properly when used together, and assumes no liability therefore.

California Disclaimer

California Residents: Water treatment devices sold to retail consumers in California accompanied by certain health claims must be certified by the California Department of Public Health. The Whole House Water Filter is not certified by the State of California for the purpose of making health claims.

Wisconsin and Iowa Disclaimer

This literature is not approved for use in Wisconsin and Iowa.

Product Number: PN37115-Rev E