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ProSeries Anti-Scale Water Filtration System

Activated carbon whole house filters do a great job of reducing and removingmany impurities found in our tap water. But now you can do even more toProtect your home. The ProSeries Anti-Scale Water Filtration System is ahi-tech system that works with a whole house carbon filter to provide optimal water quality throughout your entire home.

The ProSeries Anti-Scale Water Filtration System provides protection fromscale formation, even in areas where traditional water softeners have been regulated. This System can be installed at the point of entry to treat your entire home, both hot and cold water, or it can be located directly before a water heater or other device (e.g. sauna, etc.) that requires protection from hard water. This system saves water and energy as no electricity or back flush is needed. In addition, No chemicals are used with the ProSeries Whole House Anti-Scale Water Filtration System and it doesn’t require salt or potassium refills.


  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Prevention providing an Environmentally Friendly option for water treatment.
    • Safe for landscaping and lawn watering
  • No Regular Maintenance
  • Does Not Require Salt
    • No more carrying 40lb bags of salt or worrying about running out of salt.
    • Compatible with all on-site and community wastewater treatment systems.
    • The ProSeries Anti-Scale Water Filtration System is not subject to water softener restrictions and bans.
  • Third Party Test & Certified
    • Tested by an independent laboratory against the international protocol for scale prevention, the original product achieved a 99.6% effectiveness rating— the only technology to do so and far more effective than any other scale prevention technology.
  • No Wasted Water or Electricity
    • ProSeries systems do not require electricity or backwashing.
    • Improves the efficiency of water-using appliances.
    • Simple installation—no electrical and drain hookup.

How It Works

When dissolved minerals in hard water enter your home they can form a scale, which makes water heaters and other water-using appliances work harder than necessary. A ProSeries Anti-Scale Water Filtration System cares for the water as soon as it enters your home and delivers treated water throughout the entire house.

The ProSeries Anti-Scale Water Filtration System works by limiting calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate ions in water molecules from coming together to form crystals of calcium and magnesium scale. This process, which we refer to as Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC), results in the creation of microscopic crystals of scale(seed crystals), which rapidly form in the treated water, not on the contact surfaces of the water system, and are carried downstream in colloidal suspension through thewater system.

  • Inside the ProSeries Anti-Scale Water Filtration System are thousands of tiny anti-scale beads. Atomic level templates on the surface of the beads act as catalysts causing the calcium and bicarbonate ions in hard water to form microscopic crystals.
  • Proprietary media causes calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate ions to form microscopic hardness crystals, which stay suspended throughout the water supply, eventually being flushed harmlessly down the drain.
  • Once the crystals grow to a certain size they are released from the bead. The crystals in solution keep the hardness out of the water so that it can’t deposit and form scale on the plumbing surfaces or interfere with soaps and detergents.

Requirements for System

  • Anti-Scale system is appropriate for water that has a hardness level of 20 grains pergallon (GPG).
  • The ProSeries Anti-Scale Water Filtration System is installed in tandem with a wholehouse carbon system on water that has chlorine present.

Benefits will be provided by various types of ProSeries equipment when installed and operated according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Operational, maintenance and replacement requirements are essential for the product to perform as advertised. All claims based on best available information at time of printing. Manufacturer makes no representations as to the suitability of this equipment for a particular application. Aquion, Inc does not warrant that your ProSeries product and the non-ProSeries product will perform properly when used together, and assumes no liability therefore.

California Disclaimer

California Residents: Water treatment devices sold to retail consumers in California accompanied by certain health claims must be certified by the California Department of Public Health. The Anti-Scale Water Filtration System is not certified by the State of California for the purpose of making health claims.

Wisconsin and Iowa Disclaimer

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Product Number: PN37134-Rev C